Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ocean, wash us all away...

Since Trent Reznor decided to currently leave working on music as Nine Inch Nails, as a huge NIN fan I've been intrigued about the new music he's been making in the meantime. I've casually kept an ear out for the offerings from his current project, How To Destroy Angels, also involving his wife Mariqueen Maandig on vocals, Atticus Ross, and Rob Sheridan. I haven't had chance to fully immerse myself in their two EPs yet, but I did check out their latest video for 'Ice Age', below.

This song is very different to Trent Reznor's work as Nine Inch Nails, but still maintains the haunting beauty underlying a lot of his previous music. Mariqueen's vocals are gorgeous, ever-so-soft over the keyboard and plucking of a stringed instrument. The video mirrors the music perfectly, nothing too overdone, full of intrigue.

How To Destroy Angels are still in early stages, with their first full length album due next year. The material I've heard so far from their second EP, an omen_, has caught my attention more than their first release, and I'm becoming more hooked by the mix of electronic elements coupled with Mariqueen's ethereal voice, making me excited to hear what's coming next from this band.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Cake and Cocktails

I'm officially a year older now and spent the day getting thoroughly spoilt by my amazing family and friends (thank you!). I let myself have a day off and a bit of a breather from recent madness, starting off with a delicious home cooked breakfast.

This cardigan is a present from my bestest, I love the length of it and it's so comfy.

Safe to say I spent the day all snuggled up and relaxed wearing this and my new Boux Avenue slipper boots. Normally I slide all over the place in these kind of slippers but these fit perfectly and I'm love with the design.

And then there was cake... lots and lots of cake. Which is never ever a bad thing, birthday or otherwise.
My fiancé spent the evening before baking cakes to surprise me with when I got home from work. To say these were the first cakes he'd made, they look and taste pretty damn good!

My family couldn't get down to Plymouth to come visit but surprised me by sending some gorgeous flowers and getting a box of cupcakes delivered from Choccacino. How brilliant do these look?!

I have been after a leather jacket for ages now and finally came across the perfect one in Superdry a few weeks ago, so this was my present to myself. I don't normally splash out on stuff but this jacket ticked all the boxes of what I've been looking for, it fits gorgeously and the leather is so soft, I just couldn't walk away.

After a pretty lazy day, we got dressed up and headed out to The Village, a lovely little Greek seafood restaurant in the Barbican. We indulged in tiger prawns and scallops in garlic butter, pitta bread with taramasalata, crab and calamari, followed by a plate of lemon sole and john dory accompanied by chips and Greek salad.

A wander towards the sea was in order after the extravagant amount of food - one of my favourite things is seeing the sea in the dark with just the twinkles of the boats further out, everything around so calm and quiet.

We then headed to Annabel's to check out the music and burlesque acts on for the evening, while hanging out in the cabaret-esque bar, sipping on strawberry daiquiris (poor quality photo I'm afraid).

I drifted home, sleepy and happy, and above all for grateful for the amazing people in my life who always put a huge smile on my face.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Stand up for what is beautiful

There is so much incredible new music coming out at the moment I can barely keep up. I just want to sit and listen all day, absorbing as much as possible.

Nico Vega

Despite having quite a break since their first full length album due to singer Aja Volkman's pregnancy, Nico Vega haven't stopped working and this week released a video for a new song. Cue a lot of excitement - I've adored this band ever since stumbling upon them soon after their first CD release, which remains one of my favourite albums. The rawness and passion of Aja's voice combined with energetic rock makes for some pretty awesome music. The lyrics encourage individuality, freedom and compassion and stand out as something truly creative and empowering. This live version of 'Beast' never fails to blow me away.

Their new song 'We Are The Art' differs from their raw rocky sound, going in a more electronic direction than previously. Opinions have been varied regarding this: personally I love it. As a relatively young band,  they have lots of room to grow and develop their sound, yet they have still kept the style of lyrics and power that defines Nico Vega. I did find myself wishing that the electronic modifications on Aja's voice wouldn't last throughout the whole song, but I think in the context of an album (that I have a feeling is going to be pretty varied) this song will fit in well and add an extra dimension to their current music. Hearing this has gone me super excited for their second album, which is due out sometime next year.
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