Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wedding Ideas - Cake Stands

We're not planning to spend loads of money on our wedding, it's only one day after all and there's much more important things we'd rather save for. Obviously we still really want a wedding that looks gorgeous and has all the things we want, which has just made us prioritise different things. 

One of the things I'd rather not spend loads on anymore is the cake, partly because I probably won't get to eat any! And I thought it would be a nicer idea to have a mix of different things so everyone would have something they like. 

I love the idea of having a cake stand with different flavoured cupcakes on it, similar to this one:

We've also thought of using smaller cake stands for maybe putting chocolates, sweets, anything like that on, as it's a really easy way to add colours and decoration at the same time, and can suit any theme you're going with.
I've also found a post on how to make you're own cake stands using any plates ( DIY Tutorial: Vintage Cake Stand ). I'm keen on making as many of the decorations as possible, between us and hopefully friends and family, to make it that bit more unique and special for us!

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