Saturday, 16 February 2013

Carrot Cake and Procrastination

I must be getting old as time is just whizzing past at the minute; just a few more months and I'll be finished with uni! Such a scary thought, while I've been looking forward to finishing my degree and going off into the big wide world pretty much since I first got to uni, the realisation that I'm actually almost there is a little strange. Worrying too, as there is still a hell of lot of stuff to get done before then. I'll probably have to be pretty quiet on here until after my exams, but I'm hoping to properly get back in the swing of things over summer.

But today ended up being a much needed, unintentional day off. A lovely Saturday morning lie in (again, unintentional, thanks to my neighbours screaming at each other half the night...) followed by popping into town and the hairdressers. I always forget how pretty Plymouth is until we have a gorgeous sunny day like today, so I may have lingered a bit longer, before getting home and spending the afternoon baking. 

Tom and I aren't that into Valentine's Day, and I was working on Thursday anyway, so we decided to have a home made meal together tonight. Tom made chicken burgers with garlic mayo and cheesy curly fries - absolutely delicious, he really should cook for me more! 
I'd been wanting to bake (and eat) carrot cake for ages, so decided to put one together for pudding.

To make it a bit more Valentine's themed (and just because I love making things heart-shaped!) I tried to top the cake with walnuts in a heart shape... the icing turned out to be a tad too runny for that to work properly, but it still tasted pretty good, if I do say so myself. 

So now with my cake cravings satisfied, and feeling slightly recharged, there's nothing left but to just get on with the rest of my course I suppose. Maybe my procrastination is because I'm not actually sure I'm really ready for it all to end yet, it's a scary world out there!

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