Thursday, 18 October 2012

'Sink the teeth and bat your eyes..'

Just a quick post before I get back to uni work, so much to do but hopefully I should be able to start running my experiment for my dissertation project from next week, so it's pretty fun at the moment. On placement I got to administer neuropsychological tests to patients most days and I really miss it, so it'll be nice to get back into something similar for a bit but this time working with students instead. Bit evil but it's so much nicer when you're in the experimenter chair and not the one being tested!

I'm also getting really excited for the new Deftones album, 'Koi No Yokan', released November 13th. These guys have been one of my favourite bands for so long now, since I was like 13 or 14, and their new stuff just seems to carry on getting better. I listened to the first 30 seconds of the new song 'Tempest' and had already fallen in love with it. Go to their website to check out the first couple of songs from the album, 'Tempest' and 'Leathers', or click on the video above for the audio for Tempest.

And before the last of the warmth and sun disappear into Winter, I whipped up a Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake for friends yesterday. (Excuse the wonky photo above though - was in a rush to tuck in!) I probably shouldn't have - this cheesecake is so deliciously fresh and light tasting that it doesn't feel like I'm eating dessert at all, so 'yes' to another slice seems like I'm almost making a healthy decision. Despite the fresh lemon and dairy from the ricotta and yoghurt, I realise the biscuits, butter and sugar probably aren't gonna feel so good in the long run. But hey, hard work equals more cake, right?

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