Friday, 9 March 2012

Rammstein - 02.03.12 Nottingham Arena

Wow, where the hell do I start with this post?! I knew before I saw them that going to a Rammstein show was definitely going to be a memorable experience, but I'm still in awe of everything from this gig. The thought process and hard work that must go into making their shows such a spectacle is incredible. I had seating tickets so I'd be able to see the pyrotechnics and get a good view of the stage too. I've even more glad I did as they also had a mini stage set up in the centre up in the middle of the standing section.

Firstly, the intro was brilliant - a walkway lowered above the crowd connecting the main stage to the smaller stage. The band entered from a door on the side, walking through the audience carrying a flaming torch, an England flag and a Rammstein flag.

They started off with Sonne and carried on with a set list spanning their discography. There was so much going off, so many different effects and props were used, I need to go and see them again just to be able to take more of it in!

The first part of the gig consisted of some of their classic songs on the main stage. The keyboardist, Flake, spent most of the time either on a treadmill while playing, in a rubber dingy surfing the crowd, or in a huge pot trying to dodge a flame thrower aimed at him by Till Lindemann as part of Mein Teil. All while wearing a sparkly bodysuit. Amazing.

The focus of the show then switched to the second stage, with guitarist Richard Kruspe on the small stage playing keyboard while the rest of the band travelled across the walkway (reminiscent of the Mein Teil video) to join him for a three song set. As they're normally on a large stage with a bunch of pyrotechnics going off, they can feel a little bit distance from the audience, so it was a nice change for them to be playing right next to each other and the crowd. 

The band left the stage before returning for the first of their two encores. Assuming they were only going to do one, I was a tad disappointed when they left the stage after Ich Will, as I'd been looking forward to seeing Engel performed live, so was very happy when Till returned to the stage wearing the huge metal wings that make up the song's effects. 

The last song was Pussy, and I must admit they've won me over with this song now. Not that I thought it was a bad song, just not one of their best so I couldn't see it working as a finale. However, their performance was incredible, and the sense of humour in the song writing really shows through in the live version, making it a fun way to end a mind blowing show.

If there is one criticism of this gig, it's only that Rammstein put on such a fantastic, elaborate show that sometimes you forget that at the end of the day they're a bloody good rock band playing awesome music. You're almost torn between getting into the music completely and just staring in awe at everything else that's going off. 

Even if your not much of a fan I would definitely recommend going to see these guys if you get the chance, just for the theatrics and pyrotechnics. Not only are Rammstein brilliant musicians, they're amazing performers that definitely know how to put on an entertaining two hour show. 

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