Sunday, 19 February 2012

Boux Avenue Order

I received my first order from Boux Avenue recently, and I think I've already fallen in love with this shop. I usually buy lingerie and the like from La Senza, but have been on the look out for somewhere new as La Senza generally don't seem as good as they used to. I came across Boux Avenue online and as the prices are similar I thought I'd check them out.
My order arrived in a huge box, filled with lots of lovely pink tissue - don't worry, there is a more environmentally friendly option, but as it's free and my first order I thought I might as well. I must admit, it's always nice when something comes in pretty wrapping, makes it feel that extra bit special. 
I'd ordered a bra, knickers, and a purple petticoat that was on sale and came in the pink box. 
How gorgeous is this?? I have a black dress that I'm hoping this will be the right length for. 
I had to return the bra as the sizing wasn't right, possibly a mix up because of how different it is to all my others. I don't know if this is the case with all their sizes, but they offer free post on returns and exchanges so it's not too much hassle trying them. I'm hoping the exchange will fit better; I'll edit this post when I receive it.

Edit (26/02/12): I received my exchange within a week of returning the bra without any fuss, and was happy to find it's a much better fit. The packaging was also really pretty again; I wasn't expecting this as it was an exchange!
So overall, very happy with this purchase. The customer service has been excellent and I've fallen in love with their products, definitely converted!


  1. Ooo I've been looking for other places to find underwear as well seeing as La Senza have gone down the toilet (and no idea what the stuff is going to be like now the new company have taken over?!) I love the look of the packaging :) Will deffo check it out.
    And cute blog!

    1. That's what I was thinking, hopefully the take over will get them back on track with making decent products again, but in the meantime I definitely recommend Boux Avenue, the quality of the materials seems slightly better to me as well.
      Thank you for checking it out! :) xx


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